About the company

The corporation Humpolecké strojírny Humpolec (further The Machine Plant of Humpolec) counts among the traditional manufacturers of front-end loaders and hydraulic machinery. The company primarily produces the front-end loaders called TracLift and it cooperates with foreign manufacturers of agricultural machinery.


The Machine Plant of Humpolec has had with the development of front-end loaders more than 30 years experience and in some areas it has even become pioneer of new trends and technologies in its field.


In the development and in the production we utilize the most modern technologies like the laser flame cutting, CNC machining on the machining units, bending on the CNC presses, final welding is made on the fully automated robots. Among our substantial strong points belongs the know-how in the field of the jib construction. Our jibs are made of the high-strength sheet steel which is during the production process shaped into the closed “U” form and it is connected with the only weld in a firm and rigid whole.


Thanks to our close cooperation with tractor producers  the TracLift can be mounted and used on many tractors available at the present market.


These days the TracLift front-end loaders make their job in many countries worldwide and their quality has constantly been improved. We have continuously been developing new solutions for increasing the technical parameters of individual loaders and its simplicity, comfort and safety when operating them.


There is naturally the possibility of utilization of the wide range of the working tools.

Machinery and technical possibilities

  • Classical and numerically controlled CNC machining tools
  • Mechanical presses of 50 to 400 tons
  • CNC bending presses
  • CNC flame cutting machines
  • Lasers
  • NC saws
  • Shielded welding and welding robots
  • Continuous blast machine, wet painting
  • Lacquered components assembly
  • 3D measuring machine

Production tradition since 1957

In Humpolec the production of agricultural machinery started in 1957 in Adamovské strojírny at that time (Adamov Machine Works).


The first loader was the mounted machine NUJN100, which was quickly joined by a suspended rotary machine model NUJZ 150.


In 1975 the first Czech front-end loader NKC 800 was produced.


In 1968, the production of the UNHZ 500 model was launched. The popular “500” was produced until 1992. More than 38,000 pieces were sold and many of them are still in operation today.


In 1972, one of the best-equipped suspension loaders – the model UNHZ 750 was manufactured, which also had a heated cabin. The model was in production until 1994 and more than 15,000 pieces left  the gates of Humpolecké strojírny a. s.


In the 80´s a new generation of the front loaders was born. Its typical representative machines were the models ND5-014 and ND5-032.


Only in 1989 the popular “500” finally celebrated its successor. The loader model ND4-039 was nevertheless the last one of the suspension series. Nowadays the front-end loaders are unanimously preferred. At the Tech-Agro 1997 trade fair, the Humpolecké strojírny a. s. received Gold Medal for its TL series. All current models are based on the design of the TL series.